Our Founder

Created by Conor Duddridge, the BOOBUDS are a sustainable alternative to your single-use cotton swabs. Conor is a graduate wildlife biologist and an eco-friendly enthusiast. His journey started back in 2019 when he founded his sister site Eco Earth Market. Frustrated with the climate crisis and the need for us all to live a more sustainable lifestyle, Conor created one of the largest eco-friendly marketplaces in the UK. Throughout his eco journey he has launched several innovative products which are kind to the planet and your wallet. The BOOBUDS™ are Conor's latest creation which he founded back in 2020. The product hit the market in early 2021 and it's reception has been incredible.

Conor Duddridge - Founder @ BOOBUDS

Our Values

We always look at things from an ecological perspective and carefully consider the true impact of our products and service. Our mission is to create eco-friendly and reusable alternatives to your everyday single-use products. We care about the future of our planet and it's sustainability for future generations. Whilst nothing is ever perfect, we are doing our very best to neutralise our carbon footprint and change the way we use products. Our products will always be reusable and made from sustainable materials. We are also a proud reforestation partner of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation focussed on rebuilding our wild spaces. Together, we plant one tree for every order of BOOBUDS.
✔️ Plastic-Free Products & Delivery
✔️ Sustainable & Reusable
✔️ Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free
✔️ One Tree Planted On Every Order